Friday, August 2, 2013

Daoud Kuttab Complains Some More

The Huffington Post blogger stable has been filling the pages with opinion about the latest round of Israel-Abbas peace talks, as you might expect. Propagandist Daoud Kuttab wrote a little something yesterday, still trying to wring some blood from that stone of the "poor suffering Palestinian." Naturally, nothing in there would ever give one the impression that the Palestinians are responsible for their own actions or that anything that has happened could possible be their fault. Let's hit some of the highlights. Here is his main point:
"Why aren't the Palestinians smiling? Or, more importantly, why are the Palestinians in the same room as their occupiers without having secured a clear pathway to ending this 46-year-old occupation and colonization of Palestinian land."
There is that moderate, pro-peace attitude we have come to expect from the Palestinians and their spokespeople. The Palestinians are negotiating in the hopes of ending the conflict peacefully, and all Kuttab can do is complain. Not to mention dehumanizing the Israelis by calling them "occupiers" instead of his fellow human beings, which is what they are. By the way, the pathway is very clear: negotiate, make peace, and then the "occupation" as you call it will end. But apparently Kuttab, like other armchair politicians, wants to have his cake and eat it before paying for it.

If this wasn't amusing enough, check out the litany of complaints that Palestinians are (gasp!) talking and (gasp) not imposing preconditions!
"Having failed to produce anything like the liberation they promised their followers, the leaders of the Palestine Liberation Organisation are finding themselves having to eat the crumbs being offered by the Americans and Israelis. Having committed to the peace process, Abbas has little choice but to give the go-ahead for direct talks even without all Palestinian demands being met. As a politician (and not a revolutionary), Abbas has to accept the constraints that realpolitik presents in modern society. The moment you decide to accept a negotiated track, rather than dubious and possibly unsustainable resistance track, constraints and demands are forced on you."
It's amazing how Kuttab expects us to feel so bad for the Palestinians to negotiate without their "demands" (his word) being met and that they've "committed to the peace process." What, are we supposed to feel sympathetic that the PLO is doing exactly what it's been expected to do, what the entire planet wants it to do? I hardly think so. Furthermore, in the real world "constraints and demands" do indeed limit what you can do. Why should the Palestinians be exempt from that? Oh wait, I forgot who I was talking to for a second.

Also I'm going to highlight the "possibly unsustainable resistance track" comment. Gotta love weasel words to defend terrorism. At this point he whines that the Palestinians did "try hard" to impose preconditions, in a classic example of the disconnect between the Palestinians and everyone else. Most people don't think preconditions are good, but the Palestinians long as they're the ones setting the preconditions. Then he complains about the settlements, as always, before finally whitewashing the prisoners:
"Finally, the prisoner issue was one that Palestinians were adamant about. If Abbas was going to bear the political fallout of going to the peace talks without having secured a settlement freeze and an Israeli commitment to the 1967 borders, at least a prisoner release could help boost his standing amongst reluctant Palestinians."
See, in the real world Israel made a very painful concession to free murderers with the collective blood of hundreds of Israelis on their hands just to bring the Palestinians to the negotiating table in a very clear display of which side actually wants peace. But to Kuttab, this was the barest minimum anyone could expect and it was done entirely to make Abbas look good. It's pretty disgusting when you think about it, but pretty unsurprising behavior from a Palestinian supporter.

Just to conclude: it's what is missing from the article that says it all. Namely, that Abbas has no power and that the Palestinians don't want peace. So pretty much what we have come to expect from the Huffington Post.

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