Thursday, August 22, 2013

Daoud Kuttab Steps on Dead Egyptians to Throw Mud At Israel

Huffington Post blogger Daoud Kuttab did an excellent job demonstrating the Arab mentality today: don't worry about actual human rights abuses to Arabs when you could be attacking Israel instead. His claim is that everyone who kills a "protester" should be punished and very quickly proves how little he actually cares about Egyptians. By the way, if you check his posting history you'll find that he's had basically nothing to say about Egypt for at least the past few months. That's a certain sign of propaganda talking. I think this one sentence sums up the whole article:
"But what about the Israelis?"
See, Americans know that killing hundreds of your own people while enforcing what might be a military coup of a democratically elected government is slightly more problematic than people getting killed when they march out to fight soldiers. And march out to fight they do.

Though Kuttab claims that the IDF has "killed many unarmed Palestinian demonstrators," we learned a long time ago to see through that lie. Palestinians consider people carrying anything lower tech than an AK-47 to be "unarmed." So rock and firebomb throwing are extremely common place at these so-called "unarmed" and "peaceful" demonstrations. We have talked about this very phenomenon before, and no matter how often Kuttab repeats himself that isn't going to change. This also involves lying by omission: people can be killed by accident. By leaving out whether this was done intentionally or not Kuttab leaves his readers to simply assume it was done on purpose. Considering that he is writing for the Huffington Post, that isn't so unbelievable.

Kuttab relies entirely on NGOs like Amnesty International to make his arguments that Israel is somehow as bad or worse than Egypt, which contain very little information on how people were killed and in what capacity. In other words, perfect Huffington Post blogging material. Next up, he shows how like the Palestinians he defends he believes that all of Israel is occupied:
"The interim Egyptian government was chastised for ordering one-month emergency regulations while Palestinians have been living under occupation and emergency regulations for over 60 years."
60 years, not 47 years. How telling. By the way, if you check out his link to B'tselem you will find that the definition of "Palestinian" is pretty nebulous: first it includes Israeli citizens then not. Then he switches to complaining about other stuff like Israel banning "Nakba" commemorations and the boycott law, claiming this is somehow comparable to the Egyptian government stopped TV stations from inciting to violence. The lies by omission don't stop there though:
"The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists reported that a record 232 Palestinian journalists were arrested in 2013 and that 12 were killed since 1992, and one murdered with impunity." 
We've seen this argument before, it's even been used by Kuttab. First of all, notice that he just says Palestinains journalists were arrested and killed. He does not say they were arrested or killed by Israel. Furthermore, just because you take pictures every now and then or write an article doesn't make you a journalist. Nor does it make you not a criminal or a terrorist. You can call anybody a "correspondent" after they've been arrested, and I would like to know more this one that was "murdered with impunity." Kuttab doesn't provide his name or circumstances, possibly knowing that if he did someone could look it up and prove him wrong. I bet that he wasn't even murdered by Israel. The whole thing reeks of Kuttab referring to Khadar Anan as a "baker" and a "hero."

After this Kuttab returns to a dead horse that is now beaten to nothing, his continuing crusade to "prove" that Palestinian media doesn't incite to violence:
"The concept that media is used to incite violence has been a major Israeli and pro Israeli crusade against Palestinians, while the latter's media and textbooks even after independent reports showed, clearly that Palestinian media and text books lacked any blatant Palestinian incitement to violence."
Again, notice the vague references to "independent reports" and that only "blatant" incitement to violence apparently counts. Of course any perusal around Palestinian Media Watch reveals something quite different. But of course this is more classic Kuttab lying by omission. As long as the Palestinians only say something like "soon the Jews will be gone" instead of "kill all the Jews" Kuttab thinks there's no problem there. Of course I have a feeling he would anyway.

Finally, after whining that Israel is just like Egypt the whole article, this is how he finishes:
"The Israeli and Egyptian situations are totally different and must not be compared in any form....When the US, Europe and other countries apply the same standards to Israel and Egypt consistently, people will take that position much more seriously."
That's some Huffington Post logic for you. Hit my enemies, not my fellow Muslims.

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