Friday, August 30, 2013

Daoud Kuttab Threatens an Intifada, Rewrites History

Full time propagandist and former journalist Daoud Kuttab is back on the Huffington Post in a desperate bid to try and convince people to care about the Palestinians. To that end he is taking one of the most common roads his people have taken: threatening violence if they don't get what they want.

Kuttab declares that "hopelessness," not indoctrination, is what leads to uprisings. He might have had a point for the First Intifada, but for the Second he needs to engage in some serious whitewashing of history:
"Palestinians had their hopes raised by a moderate Israeli leader and a second-term US president. Bill Clinton had invested a tremendous amount of time in the Palestinian issue, welcoming Arafat numerous times at the White House, visiting Bethlehem and Gaza, and even attending a session of the Palestine National Council....Yet, despite these facts, the Camp David Summit in the fall of 2000 failed miserably to achieve a breakthrough, thus producing the second Intifada."
Apparently Kuttab, like other Palestinian apologists before him, seems to think that peace talks are like the weather. They happen, or don't happen, completely without regard for anything human beings can do. Of course everyone who isn't already indoctrinated into the Palestinian point of view knows the truth: the Camp David Summit failed because Arafat walked away. Clinton said that, Palestinian ministers said that, Prince Bandar said that, even the Palestinians themselves didn't deny it for about ten years. Kuttab clearly doesn't have the guts to straight up hold the Palestinians accountable for their own actions, so instead he blames no one (and everyone) for the failure of the peace summit.

At this point he switches to everyone's favorite anti-Israel talking point: settlements. Applicable to every situation, no matter how bizarre:
"When Palestinians see bulldozers, new settler-only roads being built and caravans moving in, they know that the Israelis have no intention to cede Palestinian land....In 1987, Palestinians saw the increase of settlements that Menachem Begin and Ariel Sharon decided to establish near populated Palestinian towns like Nablus, and they realised that this colonial campaign does not signal peace."
We all know there is no such thing as Palestinian land, only land that the Palestinians think should be granted to them. In that respect, this latest excuse for violence doesn't fly. If the Palestinians don't like settlements, they should make peace so the settlements will stop. History has demonstrated very clearly that violence leads to two things: more suffering on both sides and more settlements. So either the Palestinians are really stupid, or their decision to use swords instead of pens comes from something more primal. But that's something that Daoud Kuttab isn't willing to talk about because it would mean blaming someone other than Israel for the Palestinians' actions.

He then claims that a killing in the Al-Aqsa mosque in 1990 helped 'keep the flames of hatred alive' for the Second Intifada ten years later. Of course, the killing that he refers to was when Israel put down a violent riot with excessive force. Hardly unprovoked, and of course he ignores the suicide bombings that steadily increased through the '90s as well. That is, until he arrives at the next big whitewash:
"The second Intifada followed the failure of the Camp David talk precisely over Jerusalem. This was further inflamed by Sharon's provocative visit to Al Aqsa Mosque, as a challenge to the then-prime minister Ehud Barak."
Once again, everyone who is paying attention knows that the Palestinians admitted that the second Intifada was planned right from the start. Arafat's wife said that and so did many other Palestinians. We also know that Sharon agreed with the Muslim Waqf to visit the Temple Mount long before he went, so claiming that the intifada was caused by it in 2013 is just a bad joke. I also like how Kuttab claims Sharon visited the Al-Aqsa Mosque. He didn't, couldn't even if he wanted to because Jews can't go inside, nor would he want to because it holds no significance for Jews. Again Kuttab is just trying to blame Israel; he can't get even basic facts right.

The lying finishes as he fast forwards to the present day, again ignoring the Palestinian refusal to negotiate, then claims that the recent clash in Qalandiya was just Israelis shooting Palestinians:
"The settlement activities continue unabated, desecration of Al Aqsa Mosque has escalated and while peace talks have begun, it is clear that the Palestinian public has very little faith in them, especially since Israel continues to build settlements encroaching on Palestinian land."
His source for that "desecration" claim is "" by the way. Just in case you thought his professionalism couldn't get any lower. Of course we all know there has been no such desecration or else it would make headline news, not appearing in two jokes of a blog. But if that's all he has to defend the Palestinians, that's saying quite a lot.

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