Friday, August 9, 2013

Eilat Airport Closed, Haters Hate and Call for Genocide

In a typical contrast from an article about US ally Bahrain torturing it's own people, Israel closed the airport in Eilat for a few hours yesterday because they suspected there might be rocket fire from Egypt landing there. So naturally the Huffington Post readership came charging into spew their hatred of Israel and its people, obviously. And the Huffington Post moderators were all too happy to approve it:

The lesson here is that all you need for a hate parade is the word "Israel" in the title and some moderators conveniently asleep on the switch.


  1. Arriana Huffington, will claim like in the past it's impossible for mod's to catch all the hateful comments and that some get by. However if that's the case, then how come there's such a disparity of hateful comments that get through which target Jews, Israel, and it's supporters (including the author of H.P. blog) vs Palestinians and their supporters & bloggers?

    1. Because it isn't an oversight, a lapse in judgment, a bunch of misses by overworked moderators or a simple mistake. It's policy and ideology.

      But you and I both know that, of course...


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