Friday, August 2, 2013

How Pro-Palestinians Win Arguments

There was an informative thread yesterday surrounding a non story about a Palestinian prisoner and his wife. Of note to us was the behavior of one "pro-Palestinian" Huffington Post user named "Ahmed Khalili" who decided he was going to stick up for his fellow Palestinians against people criticizing them. How, you ask? By spamming the race card over and over again:

Huffington Post approved of course. And actually spamming the race card is pretty common behavior among "pro-Palestinians." They use it almost as much as they whine about Jews using the accusation of "anti-Semitism" to "stifle debate." Can you handle the hypocrisy?


  1. At Daily Kos there used to be a bunch of leftist Christian Arabs who would post. They had a serious case of Stockholm Syndrome because they loved Hamas and Iran.

    They would also constantly accuse anyone who opposed radical Islam or terrorism of being "racist" or against "brown people". Then, funny enough, over time I came to see actual pictures of a few of these people, and they were so white they could pass in an Abercrombie ad! I would suspect that this Ahmed Khalil could be similar.

  2. "Ahmed Khalil" is American.


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