Tuesday, August 13, 2013

HP Biased Coverage: Eilat Attacked and Double Settlements

A terrorist attack was committed against Israeli civilians in Eilat yesterday. How does the Huffington Post choose to cover it?

Some things you may notice: A rocket (fired by somebody, no idea who) targets some Israeli town (does it matter which one?) for some reason, but certainly not to kill Israeli civilians. Hell no, that's impossible. And of course the photo says a lot: we can't have pictures of Israeli civilians cowering in bomb shelters or under their desks. That might give the Huffington Post readership the wrong impression.

Next, the Huffington Post realized that 8,000 comments on their latest settlement thread wasn't enough, so they decide to report the exact same story again with a screaming headline. What bias?

Always nice when the Huffington Post wears it prejudices right on its sleeve like that. You'd think they have nothing else to talk about.

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