Thursday, August 29, 2013

HP Photo Bias: Israeli Tank Edition

Check out the "World" headline from yesterday, as the war clouds gather over Syria:

You don't have to be a military expert to recognize that those are Merkava tanks, and the uniforms on the soldiers just confirm that they are Israeli. Now Israel has never announced any kind of intention to attack Syria, only fight back if fired upon. The Huffington Post knows this because they covered that exact declaration by Israel yesterday. So why the attention placed on Israel when there are at least five other countries who might get involved should the US attack Syria? Because that's what the Huffington Post readership wants to talk about, obviously:

As if this wasn't enough, they did it again:

Again, we instantly see that these guys are Israelis due to their uniform. So once again, hatred of Israel just rolled out even though at the time I'm writing this the article wasn't posted for very long:

No comments on that one yet though.

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