Sunday, August 4, 2013

HP Photo Bias: Ultra-Orthodox Protesters Smash Windows

The Huffington Post finally covered the news of an ultra-Orthodox protest which involved smashing bus windows in response to a female passenger refusing to sit in the back. What was the photo the Huffington Post chose to accompany this story of intolerance?

That's right, a big picture of an Israeli flag. Why, you ask? Well, the story took place in Israel (official story) and it's the job of the Huffington Post editorial staff to a) dehumanize Israelis and never show pictures of them unless they hate Israel and b) associate the state of Israel whenever possible with Israelis who misbehave or do things mainstream society would not agree with.

Hell, even far left Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz was able to find a picture of a bus with ultra-Orthodox people on it to accompany the story:

Why couldn't the Huffington Post do the same?

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