Wednesday, August 28, 2013

HPW Double Time

The Huffington Post can't get enough about Israel, even when Syria is dominating the headlines and it looks like America is going to attack it. I already mentioned the bias coverage of Israel's declaration that it will hit back if attacked, so it's time to collect the haters blaming Israel for daring to not roll over and die:

Speaking of the Huffington Posters defending Syria, there was an article yesterday that claimed Syria has used white phosphorus "bombs" against civilians. In typical leftist fashion, the Huffington Posters marched out to dismiss those claims and (of course) accuse America and Israel of doing the same thing. I say in typical leftist fashion because they never bothered to deny the untold crimes against humanity committed by Assad using conventional weapons, but now that it looks like their countries will be getting involved, suddenly they are all Sherlock freaking Holmes. Just as long as they arrive at the conclusion they want. Anyway, here's the blame America first comments.

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