Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Huffington Post Blogger Says Israel Promotes Terrorism

We know that hating Israel and its supporters is pretty much a requirement to write for the Huffington Post at this point. Bloggers there have "agreed" that Israel controls Americadefended anti-Semitismspread the myth of the Zionist Occupied Government, accused other readers of being Nazisaccused Israelis of being Nazis, claimed Americans are forbidden from discussing Israel honestly, and that Israel blows up and kidnaps its own citizens in elaborate "false flag" operations. And that's just the most recent ones. 

So with all that in mind, it shouldn't be that surprising that yet another Huffington Post blogger named Ilais Sourdis rode the recent wave of Israel hatred sweeping the Huffington Post to declare Israel a "promoter of terrorism" for daring to exist and do things that Arabs don't like:

Sourdis' comment contains all the usual left-wing talking points that Huffington Post readers love: the Muslim world isn't responsible for its own actions so we all have to bend over for them instead of telling them that their bigotry and extremism is wrong, selling out your friends to placate your enemies is a good plan, that the "citizens of the world" are standing behind you even though there is no evidence to indicate that, and of course that Israel is "provoking terrorism" while the Palestinians simultaneously are not terrorists only "branded" as such. 

It's a neat little insight into the world that the Huffington Post bloggers and readers have created for themselves.

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