Sunday, August 4, 2013

Huffington Post Blogger Seeks End to Egyptian Aid, Is Accused of Treason

Just one small story from the pages of the Huffington Post. Huffington Post blogger Doug Bandow wrote a blog article on Friday saying that America should end the aid to Egypt, seeing as how we are getting nothing in return for it and the country is basically going to hell in a hand basket. Here's a little bit of Doug:
"Moreover, it is sheer fantasy to impute democratic yearnings to the Egyptian military, a praetorian institution which served as the guardian of dictatorship since the 1952 coup against King Farouk I. Egyptian military officers are a caste apart, pampered apparatchiks who control as much as 40 percent of the economy. They always have been far more interested in power and privilege than democracy and liberty. Noted Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute: "the military traditionally represents the older elite as well in Egyptian society, which feels that it's their God-given right to do this sort of thing." For the generals, Morsi's authoritarianism simply became a pretext for their authoritarianism."
You would think the Huffington Post readership would be happy with this, since a libertarian attitude toward foreign aid is one of the most common political beliefs that they have. But since it is not about Israel, the readership knew that it had to make it about Israel. One guys decided that he would accuse Doug of being an "Israel firster." I'm sure MJ Rosenberg is very proud:

Huffington Post approved, naturally.

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