Sunday, August 11, 2013

Huffington Post User Has Anti-Semitic Avatar, Member of Over a Year

We recently became aware of Huffington Post user wakeupAmericaaa, notable from the usual back of Jew haters not because of his message, but because of his blatantly anti-Semitic avatar. Here it is:

Despite his blatant bigotry, little has stopped him from accumulating over 100 comments and over 30 "friends," fellow Huffington Post users who thought this kind of person is someone they want to associate with. He has remained on the Huffington Post for over a year, proudly displaying his avatar in every post.

This is the kind of user that remains on the Huffington Post, while pro Israel users are banned.

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  1. This particular poster has been around for a long time, previously under different names. He has been banned several times, but is continuously allowed to come back under other names, as with all anti-Israel posters.


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