Monday, August 19, 2013

HuffPost Covers Alice Walker Story, Brings Bias

The Huffington Post pulled out all the stops and did some rare original reporting about Alice Walker's rescinded invitation to speak at Women's Conference at the University of Michigan. The headline manages to avoid the bias, but that's where it stops:

Usually the Huffington Post would say "Uninvited because of anti-Israel comments." I'm not sure why this time is different, maybe because the article is where the bias lurks. The article gives Walker herself the vast majority of the coverage, her point of view is given five paragraphs while the University of Michigan's response was only given one. Furthermore, the examples of Walker's questionable activity includes only refusing to translate her book into Hebrew and encouraging Alicia Keyes not to go to Israel. Her unvarnished anti-Semitism and endorsement of David Icke (the lizard people guy) is conveniently left out. Not to mention her endorsement of academic boycotts of Israeli speakers, making her a hypocrite extraordinaire for complaining about this.

Naturally having been given half the story, the Huffington Post readership instantly sided with Walker and started bashing Jews (and occasionally Israel):"

Another job well done by the Huffington Post.

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