Friday, August 30, 2013

HuffPost Turns Feel Good Story Into Hate

The Huffington Post covered the now infamous story about Israeli soldiers dancing with what was originally thought to be Palestinians but was later revealed to be Druze. Naturally the Huffington Post covered the story with the most biased and wrong headline possible:

The wrong comes from the claim of "Palestinians" of course, the bias comes with the starting of negativity toward Israel. Where most would simply cover the story, the Huffington Post led with Israel's government acting like the "bad guy" by suspending the soldiers.

Having been primed by negativity, the readership immediately zeroed in on the one section of the story that they could use to bash Israel and played it for all they were worth. The members of the "Israel can do no right" crowd suddenly turned into peaceniks who love IDF soldiers, but only for the purposes of contrasting them with their superiors.

Also notable is that the soldiers were punished because you can't go AWOL and to a wedding while you're supposed to be on duty, but the readership just assumed that it was because they were being nice to Arabs that they were suspected. Haven't seen a more blatant use of the race card like that in a long time:

A perfect microcosm of the Huffington Post's circular engineering of hatred in action.

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