Sunday, August 4, 2013

Iranian Media Gets Iranian President's Statement Wrong, Israel Blamed

There was a bit of a mix up on the Huffington Post on Friday, as an Iranian semi-state media outlet reported that Iranian president Hasan Rouhani made a statement that Israel is a wound that must be removed from the Middle East. Turns out that according to the official state media outlet, he just said that "something" in the Middle East is a wound (it might not be Israel!!). Anyway, the HP covered the news not that he made a statement implying Israel is a "wound" but that his statement was, in the words of the Iranian media, "distorted". Naturally, the HP headline matched the PressTV statement word for word.

Anyway, because Iranian media got the Iranian president wrong, the HP comments section filled with hatred of...Israel, of course. Some of the hatred was under the fig leaf of criticizing Israeli PM Netanyahu for responding to the original statement, because he can see the future and knew the statement wasn't accurate but responded anyway because he's a warmonger, etc. Some of it was more general. Here's some examples.

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