Monday, August 12, 2013

Israel Builds Settlements, HP Spins Headline

Over the weekend, Israel allowed construction of 1,000 settlement homes in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Naturally, the Huffington Post leaped to cover this news, as it was a great opportunity for its trained readership to spew hatred. It could have chosen a more biased headline to drape across its World section, but not much:

Why chose a picture of a house or a smiling settler family when you could have Netanyahu looking demonic and manipulative?

Note also the comment numbers: over 7,000. This stands in sharp contrast to the 300 comments on the article about Israel freeing Palestinian murderers. As usual, steps Israel takes for peace are quickly forgotten, while steps away from peace are highlighted and talked about for days.

As for the comments themselves, there are 7,000 of them, so we're not going to go through them. Of the top comments, most of them were perfectly justifiable criticism of this decision and pointing fingers at Israel for "not wanting peace," which in this case I can't really blame them for. But some, as usual, went well beyond that, and got plenty of favorites anyway:

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