Thursday, August 1, 2013

Jade Walker Update

We commented upon the Sara Rochelle Levy situation yesterday, when it looked like that Huffington Post editor Jade Walker was posting anti-Semitic nastiness in the guise of a Huffington Post user with a Jewish name. Anyway, there are two updates.

The first is that the senior news editor of the Huffington Post, Whitney Snyder, tweeted us to say that our "speculation" about it was wrong:

I'm curious why Walker herself couldn't be bothered to face us directly (so to speak) so there is that.

The second update is that the profile has been removed. As usual, it took them long enough.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, sure.

    It was not really a Huffington Post employee, making hateful comments about Jews and Israel under the assumed name, "Sara Rochelle Levy", with a photo of Jade Walker, Huffington Post editor.

    And Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, also a Huffington Post editor, didn't really say that it is his "job" , "to humanize Palestinians".

    And editor Whitney Snyder wouldn't ever falsely stick up for or cover for
    another Huffington Post employee.

    And poor "Sara Rochelle Levy", wouldn't have had her profile removed
    over what are hateful, but still rather mild comments in comparison to others that don't get removed.

    And Huffington Post doesn't ALWAYS take a biased stance toward Israel and Jews through their choice of stories, photos, and headlines.
    And they certainly do not have a large stable of anti-Israel writers.

    And I am absolutely positive that there are no other Huffington Post employees, posting under assumed names, taking the Huffington Post
    anti-Israel stance, and being paid to do so, knowingly or not.

    Sadly, "Sara Rochelle Levy" will be back. A new name, a new avatar,
    but the same old hate.


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