Monday, August 26, 2013

James Zogby's Crocodile Tears for the "Invisible Victims"

While Syrians choke on chemicals by the dozens, propagandist James Zogby is here to attack Israel yet again, this time from a new angle: the Christian one. Being a Christian Arab himself, one would think that Zogby would be able to maintain some kind of objectivity. Then again maybe not, because we all know that in the Arab world it is the Muslims who pay the bills and so Zogby will hop their tune. Zogby calls Christian Arabs the "invisible victims," which is a laughable claim in and of itself. Every Christmas we get articles whining about the declining state of Christianity in the Middle East, most of it blaming Israel just because. We see the bias right from his very first sentence:
"At best, the US has paid scant attention as once thriving communities of indigenous Christians in Palestine, Syria, Iraq, and Egypt have been attacked, threatened or forced to endure indignity and hardship."
There is one country in the Middle East where Christianity is thriving: Israel. But clearly that word sticks in Zogby's throat when he would have to use it in a somewhat positive context. So instead he completely ignores it in favor of the made-up community in "Palestine." Notice also that even though Muslims are clearly the ones abusing Christians in Syria, Iraq and Egypt, not only does Zogby refuse to mention those attackers by name but proceeds to blame the USA for their behavior. Of course, if the US took point in standing up for Christians across the Middle East Zogby would simply be writing a different article accusing us of "imperialism" and "colonialism" and "meddling." In the Arab world America is always at fault. The only time it isn't is when Israel is. Speaking of which, Zogby's next topic is about a discussion with a Christian Palestinian in Israel (though he says "the Galilee."). Check out this nice example of bias:
"He went on to describe the continuous Christian presence in the Holy Land since the time of Jesus, the role they have played in the region's history, and their shared struggle with their Palestinian Muslim brethren."
Now a hard-hitting and truth-telling reporter might take this opportunity to point out how Palestinian Muslims have terribly abused Palestinian Christians (just one example) and have forced them to move to Israel. Apparently even Zogby's topic, thesis, and journalistic integrity takes second place to defend Palestinians and attacking Israel. At this point he goes after reporters and defends the Assad regime for "supportive" of the "rights" of Christians, before finally getting to his real target: Zionists. Specifically the Christian ones, which makes for a nice change of pace:
"The West has been silent about the precipitous decline in the Christian population of the Palestinian West Bank and Jerusalem out of deference to Israeli sensitivities. Pro-Israel right-wing Christian groups from the US frequently make pilgrimages to the Holy Land to show their support for Israel, while completely ignoring the existence of an indigenous community of Christians and the hardships they are forced to endure with the rest of their Palestinian brethren living under occupation. "They come", a Palestinian cleric told me, "to look at the places where Jesus walked and don't even see that we are here. We are invisible to them.""
Ah yes, how silly of me for not realizing: It's totally fine for you to use Christians as propaganda and whitewash your terrible treatment of them, but for Israel to use Christians as propaganda and whitewash their somewhat lacking treatment of them is a the worst crime against humanity to ever exist in the history of mankind. More classic Huffington Post blogger/Palestinian apologist hypocrisy.

If that wasn't enough, according to Zogby the only "hardships" that Palestinian Christians must deal with comes from "living under occupation." Not because their Muslim brethren are abusing them, something which nobody denies by the way. Once again we see that Zogby cares a lot about Christians...except when standing up for those Christians involves criticizing someone other than white people. Then he is just as prone to "ignoring" what he doesn't want to see as any member of CUFI. He might actually have a good point here except that it's buried under all the hypocrisy and lies.

Speaking of hypocrisy, want to read something hilarious? After griping about George Bush and blaming the West for the violence in Egypt and Syria, Zogby accuses others of the some bias he proudly demonstrates in this article:
"On occasion some right-wing ideologues have selectively embraced the plight of one Christian community only to use it as a partisan club with which to attack a Democratic administration or as part of their ongoing efforts to demonize Islam. They will never, for example, criticize Israel's behavior toward Christians in Jerusalem or Bethlehem, just as they were silent during the uprooting of the Christians of Iraq. As a result, their advocacy has been so transparently crass and hollow, that they are easily dismissed as political posturing."
Given this entire article, I think the hypocrisy here more than speaks enough for itself. Go search Zogby's history and see if you can find him criticizing the Palestinians about anything, let alone their treatment of his fellow Christians. You would probably have to go back years if you find any at all. If you expanded it to Arabs or Muslims in general, you probably wouldn't find too much more. It seems to me that Zogby and these "right-wing idealogues" deserve each other. 

Fortunately, as before the comment section wasn't fooled by Zogby's weasel words and crocodile tears and gave him a thrashing. A well deserved one if you ask me.

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