Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MJ Rosenberg Lies, Exhibits Double Standards

MJ Rosenberg has written another standard op ed for the Huffington Post in which he blames Israel for the impending failure of the peace talks and also John Kerry. There's not much new in it, so I'm not going to fisk the entire thing, I'm just going to point to one major lie expressed by Rosenberg.

Here's a quote from the beginning of MJ's article:
"Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu continues the litany of propaganda attacks on Palestinians, including the charge that the 23-year old "Arab Idol" winner, Gaza singer Muhammad Assaf, is a threat to Israel because he nostalgically sings about towns inside the 1967 lines."
What's the number one rule when reading any HP blogger op ed? Check the source. If you click on the link Rosenberg cites about Assaf, this is what it says (emphasis added by me):
"He [Netanyahu] also included a link to a YouTube video that depicts the popular winner of Arab Idol Muhammad Assaf singing a song at the Barcelona soccer game in Hebron that spoke longingly of Israeli cities within the pre- 1967 lines as belonging to Palestine."
Was Assaf singing "nostalgically" about Israeli cities? First, it's difficult for a 23-year-old singer to sing nostalgically about cities that he has most likely never even visited, much less lived in. But more importantly, according to MJ Rosenberg's own source, no! He was singing about those cities as belonging to Palestine.

I guess it doesn't bother MJ Rosenberg if people in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict make claims over territory that doesn't actually belong to them. Oh wait:
"Of course the EU's decision [to make a distinction between Israeli products and settlement products] enraged Netanyahu and the Israeli right in general because they believe that the West Bank is every bit as Israeli as Tel Aviv. How dare the EU make such distinctions?"
Hmm, I guess when the Israeli right believes land belongs to them, that's a terrible thing, but when Palestinians do it, it's no big deal. When Assaf tells his people that Israeli cities are actually Palestinian, he's discouraging them from making peace. One would think that MJ Rosenberg would think that discouraging peace is bad thing, but as I said Palestinians can do no wrong.

Just another example of how little respect MJ Rosenberg has for the truth and consistency.

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