Wednesday, August 14, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Heroes Welcome in Ramallah

The murderers have been released, but since Palestinians in general want peace and abhor violence, we don't expect the Palestinians in general to welcome the murderers back. Oh wait:
"A group of men stood in a large circle at the presidential compound in Ramallah overnight Tuesday, holding hands and dancing slowly as they awaited the arrival of 11 Palestinian prisoners just released from Israeli jails as part of a deal for the resumption of peace talks.
Busloads of family members arrived at the Muqata from across the West Bank to welcome the men, carrying Palestinian flags and posters of their loved ones. They stood in groups, smiling and hugging each other under large spotlights illuminating the expansive courtyard in the dead of night.
The family of Youssef Irsheid, jailed in March 1993 for killing five Palestinians he suspected of collaborating with Israel, said they prepared a welcome party for their relative in his hometown of Jenin....
To the beat of drums and the sound of bagpipes, the released prisoners joined their families, who carried them on their shoulders in a mass, emotional tumult. As the clock struck 2 a.m., fireworks went off over the mausoleum of the PA’s former president, Yasser Arafat, and the men were led to decorated, honking cars that stood ready to take them home."

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