Thursday, August 22, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Iranian Gets Life

The Huffington Post won't cover this news, as it likes to downplay the threats to Jews and Israelis that are still out there in the world:
BANGKOK — A Bangkok court sentenced an Iranian man to life in prison for a botched bomb plot last year that officials believe was aimed at Israeli diplomats in the Thai capital. His accomplice, also an Iranian national, received a sentence of 15 years.
The Iranians were detained shortly after a cache of homemade explosives accidentally blew apart the villa where the men were staying in February 2012.
Israeli and Thai officials have said the plot was aimed at Israeli diplomats in Bangkok, the capital, though Iran denied the allegations and neither defendant was charged with terrorism or attempting to kill Israelis.Saeid Moradi, 29, was sentenced to life in prison for attempting to murder a police officer and possessing explosives that damaged property and injured several civilians. Mohammad Kharzei, 43, received 15 years in jail for possessing explosives.Moradi, a factory technician from Tehran and a former soldier, had faced a death sentence.He lost his legs as he tried to flee the villa on a crowded Bangkok street. He was carrying explosives from the house and dropped them in the street as police chased him.

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