Monday, August 12, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: PA Praises Freeing of Prisoners

Remember Israel saying it would free Palestinian convicted murderers? Well it did, and the PA said doing so boosts the chances of peace. What does that say about the Palestinian cause that letting terrorists loose makes them say they want peace more?
The prisoner release is an important strategic step, one that will strengthen the chances for peace in the region, a Palestinian Authority minister said on Monday, hours after an Israeli ministerial panel approved the names of 26 Palestinian prisoners to be freed in the coming days. The release is a gesture to the PA ahead of the second round of peace talks due to commence Wednesday in Jericho.
“The deal is an important step that also strengthens the Palestinian Authority,” said Prisoners’ Affairs Minister Issa Karaka, quoted by Army Radio, welcoming it for three reasons: there are to be no deportations of prisoners, unlike in the Shalit deal, he said; Israeli Arabs are included in the list of 104 prisoners to be released in four phases as the talks progress; and the Palestinians had to give nothing in return for the release. 

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