Monday, August 5, 2013

Today's "Blame America" Roundup

As we have often discussed, the new religion of the left is "human rights." However, like all religions, the way their ideals are applied is often which I mean consistent with their own prejudices. We have two examples of this in two recent Huffington Post threads

The first one is about China defending its human rights record. I think most of us know that China has problems with human rights, how it treats its minorities and workers, and so forth. The Huffington Post readership, however, decided that the best thing to would just be to bash America:

Next up, we head on over to Syria, where we find that the regime fired ballistic missiles into civilian areas, at least according to a 'watchdog' which on the Huffington Post is ironclad fact. Once again, America is the one blamed:

The facts don't matter, the narrative must stay the same, it is only the details that change.

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