Friday, August 9, 2013

Today's Classic HuffPost Bias

See if you can spot the differences between these three headlines, because clearly the Huffington Post editors can't:



Guess which one of these is actually the truth?

Well it's a trick question because none of them are. If you read the article you will find that:
"Israel would rather forgo hundreds of millions of dollars in EU research grants than accept an anti-settlement clause Europe wants written into any new partnership deal, Israel's deputy foreign minister said Friday."
The Huffington Post editors knew they found a great story involving everything their readership hates: Israel, settlements and money. But I guess not even then could the editors stop themselves from spinning the story when it got to print. How typical.

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  1. O/T, but it seems 'blog friend' MJ Rosenberg has found a new place, with even lower standards than HuffPo, to push his ZOG insanity.

    I'm surprised he never made it over to Daily Kos. He would have been an incredible hit there. Or Stormfront, for that matter.


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