Monday, August 19, 2013

Unusual HuffPost Headline Choices

I was already to bash the Huffington Post for never letting go of talking about the Israeli settlements, even while hundreds of Egyptians were being killed, but then I noticed an unusual choice for them: depicting the settlers as human beings. So I figured that warranted sharing:

You mean the settlers aren't all gun-toting religious fanatics? Outrageous! The Huffington Post readership wouldn't stand for it and immediately the thread was running amok with hatred, to the point where I'd think it was a spam attack due to 20+ and 30+ favorites for each comment:

A user set up entirely to attack one group of people? An anti-Semitic conspiracy theory website? The Huffington Post moderators see no problem with either of these things, so why should you?

We'll end with good news, though, as the Huffington Post managed to keep its bias in check for the latest Syrian attack on Israel:

Israeli soldiers, and you can actually see their faces! Outrageous! That must be why no one had anything to say about this latest example of Syrian bad behavior. Even the haters who showed up managed to only croak out the usual "Golan is stolen" tired talking points. Hopefully these balanced headlines will continue into the future.

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