Monday, August 12, 2013

Violent Al Quds Day Speaker? HuffPost Canada Readers Defend

I commented yesterday that Ahmed Shihab-Eldin reported upon the Palestinian speaker calling for all Jews to leave Israel or else be shot dead and started to wonder if other sections of the Huffington Post covered it. Turns out that they did, but only in Huffington Post Canada and in the forms of  two blog posts. One was by Tahir Gora and the other was by Diane Bederman and they basically all had the same tone: W.T.F. How can such things be acceptable in Canada?

Now Bederman's article was remarkably troll free and actually critical of the Palestinians calling for genocide and indoctrinating their kids into hating other people (yeah, that was there as well) but Gora's article was soon consumed by the usual Israel Hate Brigade. How would they defend a call for the murder of Israelis you ask? Simple, by just ignoring it and posting off topic anti-Israel spam. What did you think that the Huffington Post actually has moderation?

For the record, inciting people to violence and hate speech is not protected under free speech.

Unless you are a Palestinian.

Or a Huffington Post user.

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