Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bolivia Accuses US of "Crimes Against Humanity", HPers Pile On

Household name Evo Morales, President of Boliva, made headlines in the Huffington Post yesterday when he declared his intention to sue the USA for "crimes against humanity." The reason? "President Barack Obama allegedly refused to allow Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro to fly over Puerto Rico on his way to China on Thursday."

What's a good HP reader to do? As a good leftist, you know that the USA is guilty guilty guilty of all matter of crimes and "human rights violations," but unfortunately you still have to remain loyal to the US, not like those dirty Israel firsters! So what do you do when you read an article like this? Which side do you come down on?

Well, a lot of the top comments just made fun of Morales' hair and laughed off his ridiculous lawsuit. But  leftist ideology won in the end. Many of the others agreed that the US was pure evil and took shots at the US, former US president GW Bush, and of course Israel:

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