Friday, September 6, 2013

Daoub Kuttab Blames Israel for Lack of Peace Progress

Huffington Post propagandist Daoub Kuttab is back on the Huffington Post to talk about the Palestinians, even though the rest of the world is extremely focused on Syria. Can't talk about someone besides the Palestinians, though, otherwise you're on the wrong side of history and anti-human rights. Today he wants to talk about why I/P peace talks need months and months to complete and spoiler alert, it's Israel's fault. 

Kuttab summarizes what's happening with the peace process so far, and then poses his thesis question, why the peace process takes so long, and then immediately answers it:
A lengthy negotiation process suits Israel, which seems to want to have a peace process rather than an actual decision on peace.
What a shocking surprise. This is despite the fact that Abbas was the one refusing to negotiate for months and the one who threatened to walk away now. But let's see his evidence:
Many Palestinians and their supporters believe that protracted peace talks only aim to postpone an official Palestinian request by international agencies to recognise Palestine. 
The link is to an opinion piece by a pro-Palestinian writer, but any "official Palestinian request" would be a blatant violation of the Oslo Accords, which would be a serious blow to Palestinian legitimacy. That's why the Palestinians aren't sending official requests to international agencies, not because of the peace talks. Again, why didn't they send such requests when the peace talks weren't happening? Kuttab has no answer.
Activists involved in the boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel, and Israeli settlement products are also unable to implement their non-violent efforts while peace talks are taking place.
Someone should tell them that, because they are still trying their darndest. And the BDSM has yet to be a legitimate threat to Israel, despite existing since Israel was founded. 

Kuttab brings up some other points, summarizing the peace process so far, and then starts making stuff up:
The Palestinians' desire to use the talks as a means to bring an end to occupation was not met with similar will by the Israelis.
A look at Israel shows a divided country unable or unwilling to come up with serious positions.
What do we always say when reading Kuttab? Check the links. The link that he posts is not to an article proving Israel is "divided" or "unable or unwilling to come up with serious positions." It's to a Ynet article about Israeli ministers who are divided over the chances of the peace talks working. And why do some of them believe the peace talks won't work? Oh, just small issues like Abbas is an unelected dictator, Hamas' rule of Gaza, and Palestinian incitement and anti-Semitism. Either way, the article does not say anything close to what Kuttab says it does. Kuttab blatantly lied.

After lying, Kuttab starts speculating:

The Israeli tactics show a party that has no interest in serious discussions, but wish to use the talks as a cover for doing nothing.
Sure, the Israelis will refuse to admit that and insist that they are serious about peace. But if that is the case, why the need for nine months?
What will happen in nine months that cannot be decided on in one week?
In the fall of 2000, Bill Clinton wanted Yasser Arafat and Ehud Barak to reach an agreement in a few days at Camp David. Why do they need nine months now?
 Uh, because this conflict has lasted decades and there are a lot of intractable issues? Maybe rushing Arafat and Barak contributed to the failure of those negotiations? Nope, nope, it must be evil, evil Israel's fault:
This period of time, with no intermediate goals, enables the powerful side, the Israelis to decide the agenda and pace of negotiations.
And Kuttab once again finishes off with blaming one side alone for the lack of peace, the "powerful side:"
Israel took six days to occupy Palestinians and other Arab land. It certainly can made a decision to end its aggression and occupation -- both illegal by international humanitarian law -- through peaceful talks, in less than nine months. 
Again, hilarious that Kuttab or any Palestinian supporter is preaching international law at Israel. But Kuttab is showing his propagandist core by arbitrarily deciding that Israel can make a "decision" (not an agreement or a compromise) to "end its aggression", placing all of the onus and blame on Israel. This kind of rhetoric would be at home on Mondoweiss and Electronic Intifada, but here it is, proudly, on the Huffington Post. 

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