Friday, September 27, 2013

Daoud Kuttab Continues To Cling to Israel Bashing

When no one else on the Huffington Post is willing to scrape the bottom of the barrel for anti-Israel stories, it's nice to know that there is still somewhere out there a man who can do whatever it takes to stir up hatred. And that man is Daoud Kuttab. See, while the rest of the world is concerning itself with things that actually matter (hundreds of thousands dead in Syria, Iranian nuclear negotiations, Islamists attacking innocent people in Kenya) Kuttab keeps his laser like focus centered on Israel. So what does he have to complain about this time, you ask?
"Israeli security officials at the King Hussein (Allenby) bridge turned back an American peace volunteer who is part of the Christian Peacemaker Teams in Hebron twice in the past week."
Yes, that's the story. That is the entire complaint that Daoud Kuttab has. Some guy wasn't allowed to enter Israel and apparently that is worth a whole blog article on the Huffington Post.

Now unlike most "peace volunteers" this guy actually appears to be one, but that isn't why he was turned away. He was turned away because:
"Brenneman said the Israeli soldier told him the second timethat the reason for his denial was because Christian Peacemaker Teams is not a recognized organization. "I told the soldier that we legally do not need to be recognized by Israel, and I asked why that was a reason for not letting me in. He said his commander said I couldn't come in for that reason, and that was the end of the conversation.""
I guess they hadn't figured out their paperwork and because they are dealing with a military, they couldn't just "give them a pass." He also didn't have a visa and wasn't able to get it processed. Brenneman then engages in the classic strawman that Israel didn't let him in because they saw him as a threat. No, they didn't see him as a threat they just didn't know who he was and weren't inclined to let him in without knowing for sure why he is there. Always in a rush to be a victim I guess.

Anyway Kuttab milks that for all he can but it still doesn't lead to much. This is probably Kuttab's shortest article on the Huffington Post, and definitely the most pathetic.

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