Sunday, September 1, 2013

HP Photo Bias: Who Reaches the Reachers?

This was published on Friday. Check out the most blatant Huffington Post photo bias and headline yet:

How many people do you suppose would carefully look at this picture and see that they are Palestinian police officers who are only there because there is a demonstration against the peace negotiations between Israel and the PA? Not too many I would wager; seems the Huffington Post chose this because they like pictures of Palestinians being old contrasted with Israelis in helmets and carrying shields.

As for the article itself, it's nothing more than a puff piece. It says that Palestinian ministers have been meeting with Israelis. Anywhere else this would be considered the barest minimum effort towards making peace with your neighbor but apparently when Palestinians do it they are King of Big Deal Mountain. We clearly see who the Huffington Post is rooting for here.

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