Monday, September 9, 2013

Huffington Post Points the Finger at AIPAC, Haters Rage

Here's a great example of the way that the Huffington Post's relationship between its editors and readers work. For some time now President Obama (who they all love) has been advocating that the USA and other nations attack Syria. This has thrown the Huffington Post readership into a conundrum of cognitive dissonance: what to do when a man you like does something you hate? Well, the Huffington Post editors are glad to help them out. See, when the news came out that AIPAC stood with Obama in favor of strikes on Syria to stop the use of chemical weapons there, the Huffington Post did some original reporting by Christina Wilkie and gave it prominent placement:

Wilkie also reproduced the AIPAC statement, which was surprisingly charitable, not that it mattered. The Huffington Post readership immediately forgot that their beloved President Obama and the Democratic Party (not to mention Saudi Arabia and Turkey) are the ones pushing war the most, and immediately screamed their impotent rage at the hated Jews.

Remember, when AIPAC disagrees with President Obama, that makes them "Israel firsters." When AIPAC agrees with President Obama, they get blamed for his actions retroactively. Perfect Huffington Post logic in action.

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