Tuesday, September 24, 2013

HuffPost Stands Against Religious Bigotry...Sometimes

You probably already know about the mob of dumbassses in Central Park who attacked a Sikh professor because they thought (or claimed to have thought) he was a "terrorist." The Huffington Post's Religion section pulled out all the stops condemning it, even though I doubt that anyone needs convincing that attacking anyone because of their religion is bad. We had the news article:

Then two blog posts about it:

Now it goes without saying that I'm glad the Huffington Post is standing against anti-Sikh bigotry, not like the people who would beat up a Sikh person is actually reading the Huffington Post.

My issue is that one incident of anti-Sikhim is jumped upon and attacked unmercilessly while the Huffington Post allows anti-Semitism to be posted on its website pretty much on a daily basis. Not to mention it has bloggers trying to claim anti-Semitism doesn't really exist, also applies to Arabs, or that Jews "exploit" it for  gain. Apparently not all religious bigots are treated equally. Some are criticized, others are hired.

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