Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Latest Zogby History Fail

Matt commented yesterday about the reaming James Zogby received at the hands of the Huffington Post readership for his latest joke of an article, but I thought that I would demonstrate just what is the problem and why it's perfect Huffington Post blogger work. After talking about how so many people were hopeful that the Oslo Accords would succeed, the rewriting of history begins:
"But not everyone was pleased. Israeli critics accused Rabin of surrendering to and giving legitimacy to Palestinian terrorists, while Palestinian critics charged that the Oslo documents had too many loopholes and would only prolong the Israeli occupation."
Ah yes of course. All Israeli critics are right-wingers and the Palestinian critics only had legitimate grievances. Zogby would have us believe that the only reason why the Palestinians might be against the Oslo Accords is because they wouldn't get what they want fast enough and not because they don't want peace. Of course Hamas' campaign of suicide bombings that continued throughout the negotiations did not have their origin in frustration about "loopholes."

Zogby criticizes the Oslo Accords for failing to take on the core issues, which is legit, and then points out that both sides broke taboos. Unfortunately he lets his pro-Arab flag fly and starts praising the PLO:
"In acknowledging the PLO, Israel not only opened the door to the inevitability of a Palestinian state, it also shattered the anti-PLO taboo (that it had established). For years, the heavy-handed political clout of American supporters of Israel had tormented Arab Americans and others, punishing them for "contact" with the "forbidden" group."
Yeah, I can't imagine why. It's not like the PLO murdered dozens of innocent Americans like Leon Klinghoffer. Obviously those stupid Zionists were only skittish around the PLO because they hate Arabs. Apparently only Arabs are allowed to cling to grievances that had their origin decades ago, everyone else just has to nut up and get over it. For the record the PLO was considered by America to be a terrorist group (a well earned label I might add) and only had their status revoked when they agreed to negotiate. That's why Arab Americans weren't supposed to send them money and support, not because those eeeeevil Zionists enjoy "tormenting" them. Give me a freaking break.

At this point he declares that Oslo Accords prove that the conflict could be solved, which is interesting but not substantiated considering that the Accords did not work. Regardless it's interesting that Zogby takes this route as most other anti-Israel propagandists are quick to declare that conflict cannot be resolved so that they have ammunition to destroy Israel through other means. So I guess that is something.

He doesn't merely rewrite the beginning of the Accords though he also rewrites the end. Zogby blames the Accords themselves, naturally, and not the Palestinians who took up arms against their supposed peace partners after being offered everything they claimed that they wanted. Naturally the bad situation is not a result of those actions but a result of "the flaws of Oslo." Nothing can ever be the Palestinians' fault:
"In the end, the flaws of Oslo proved fatal. Today, the number of Israeli settlers has tripled; the Palestinian economy remains dependent on Israeli good-will and international largess; and thousands have died, victims of acts of terror, disproportionate military assaults and settler violence. "
Oh no, not more Israeli settlers! That is the opposite of fatal, of course, but if the Palestinians have Israeli settlers so much maybe they shouldn't have blown the Oslo Accords to pieces. Zogby concludes by demanding more demands on Israel and nothing on the precious innocent Palestinians. He's like a parent at PTA conference, and got the thrashing he deserves in the comments.

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