Monday, September 23, 2013

MJ Rosenberg Goes Full Moron

Matt already commented upon the latest ridiculous MJ Rosenberg article, in which the man "loses" an argument with a "college kid" who probably never actually existed. This college kid just happens to be what MJ Rosenberg hopes every Jewish college kid will be: someone who doesn't care about Israel. Even by Rosenberg standards it was pretty pathetic. What was humorous though was that all the Israel haters agreed with the "kid" who said that America should care about it itself. If the "kid" was in charge the Palestinians would be abandoned just as much as Israel, but I guess we can't expect haters to think that far ahead.

As usual, the man himself left us some gems in the comments section including this one:

So MJ Rosenberg is now going anti-nationalist and anti-tribalist. Interesting. So when he claims to be "pro-Israel" and "pro-America" and "pro-Jewish" we know that that is bullshit because he thinks the world would be a better place if all that was removed. This attitude is perfectly welcome on the Huffington Post of course but it does say about the tightrope that Rosenberg is trying to walk. He is trying to please the Israel haters by dedicating his life to fighting only pro-Israel right wingers yet still claim to be in favor of Israel existing, as he claimed later in the comments. Hopefully someday he'll figure all this out.

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  1. MJ Rosenberg simply writes the kind of drivel hos audience likes to hear. Huffpo has been a home for most virulent anti-Semitic rabble gathering ever assembled outside of Islamist mosque or Neo-nazi rally. This is a well known fact.


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