Friday, September 20, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Arab Israelis Possibly Joining Al Qaeda

But remember, it's racist to want to keep the Palestinians out of Israel:

A disconcerting Shin Bet assessment warns that Arab Israelis are joining rebel forces in Syria and working with al-Qaeda terrorists. According to the review, submitted to the State Prosecutor's Office and the Supreme Court, there is a possibility that Arab Israelis who are being trained in Syria may use their knowledge against Israel – both by spreading ideologies and by using intel and military capabilities they've learned there.
Another danger is that Global Jihad terrorists will gather valuable information about Israel from Arab Israelis. The review was submitted with an appeal by the State regarding the release of Abed al-Kader Altala, a 26-year-old Tayiberesident who was studying pharmacology in Jordan and attempted to join the jihad movement in Syria.

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