Thursday, September 26, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: The Inevitable Backlash

The Huffington Post breathlessly covered Iranian president Rouhani's Holocaust remarks yesterday and the thread generated over 2,000 comments. Will we see the inevitable backlash in Iran from the remarks, Khameni's aides warning Rouhani to stay in line and denying he ever made the comments?

Analysts and advisers close to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei criticized Iranian President Hasan Rouhani’s recent gestures to the West and conciliatory statements, expressing concern that it may have gotten out of hand.
According to a report in the New York Times Wednesday, the Iranian paper, Kayhan, which is close to Khamenei, “expressed horror over the possibility that ‘the clean hand of our president would for moments be in the bloody clench’ of [US President Barack] Obama.”“We need to gain something from the Americans, before we pose and smile with them,” the report quoted Hamid-Reza Taraghi, an official who trusted with interpreting the speeches of Khamenei, as saying. “Of course, Mr. Rouhani also needed to convince some at home that he is not making any wild moves.”Rouhani reportedly declined an American offer for a meeting with Obama on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly currently underway in New York, American officials said Tuesday.“We have said publicly and we also said privately to the Iranians, that we’re open to having discussions on the margins of UNGA — informal discussions, not a bilateral meeting. That proved to be too complicated for the Iranians to do at this point,” the official said....
On Wednesday, Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency, said to be close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, claimed that CNN fabricated remarks made by Rouhani in an interview Tuesday with Christiane Amanpour in which he reportedly condemned the Holocaust as a crime against humanity.The comments were considered a major break from his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who, repeatedly during his eight-year, two-term presidency, derided the mass murder of 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany as a “myth” and a “great deception of the Holocaust” generated by Israel.The news agency said that Rouhani had not used the word “Holocaust” and denied that he had called it “reprehensible.” 

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