Monday, September 16, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Israel Backed Russian Deal

The Huffington Posters tended to support Russia's offer for Syria to disarm itself of chemical weapons in leu of a US military strike, but would they have continued to do so if they knew Israel agreed with them?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told US Secretary of State John Kerry last week that he should try to reach a deal with Russia to confiscate Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal as an alternative to a threatened US strike on the Assad regime, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.
According to the report, Kerry called Netanyahu on September 11 and the Israeli leader told him that he didn’t think that Russia was bluffing about its plan for Syria.
The report was based on information from US and Middle East officials who were informed of the details of the conversation.
Netanyahu also reportedly told Kerry he thought a deal was possible.
On Saturday the US and Russia agreed to guidelines which would see Syria give up its chemical weapons stockpile by the middle of next year.
On Sunday, Netanyahu and other Israeli officials expressed cautious optimism over the deal, saying it would be tested by Syria’s actions.

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