Thursday, September 19, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Syrian Defector Speaks

The denials from the pro-Assad crowd continues on the Huffington Post, and the Huffington Post could shut them down with this news. So far, though, it hasn't published it:
High-ranking Syrian regime officials ordered soldiers to use chemical weapons against fighters and civilians in rebel-occupied areas, a former Syrian army officer and chemical warfare expert has declared.
In an interview with Abu Dhabi newspaper The National, Brigadier General Zaher Saket, a commander in the military’s 5th division who defected from President Bashar Assad’s army in March, claimed he had been instructed to attack rebels with poison gas on numerous occasions.“I am a witness and received orders three times to use chemical gas last year,” Saket said.The former Syrian officer said he had first received orders to make use of chemical weapons in October, though, he claimed, he had not complied with the directives.“It was planned that I would place the material in a sealed explosive device with TNT and a connection to electrical power,” Saket said. ”I did not implement the order.” He said he had instead created an impression of a chemical attack, dumping the deadly substances in a nearby trench.Saket further claimed that chemical weapons had been transported into Lebanon to the hands of Shiite terrorist group Hezbollah.

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