Friday, September 27, 2013

Qatar Uses Slave Labor, HPers Blame Capitalism

The Huffington Post begrudgingly covered the news that Qatar is using slave labor to get ready for the World Cup (building stadiums, hotels, etc.).  Slave labor is nothing new in the Arab world, it existed before it was in America and continued well into the 20th century. Mauritania, for example, finally criminalized slavery in 2007. So how would you expect the Huffington Posters to respond to this story? Complain about human rights, perhaps? Begrudge the US for being friends with Qatar? Maybe demand Qatar be destroyed for such an appalling crime?

Nope, they instead decided to blame...capitalism/the free market:

There really is nothing the Muslim world can do to make the Huffington Posters criticize them.

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  1. mauritania still has slavery. arab muslims from mauritania go to europe and other places, marry african muslim girls, and take them back as slaves. i know someone, abused by her father until his death, who was given by her mother to a mauritanian slave-trader (this happened in france.)


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