Friday, September 13, 2013

Today's Red Meat: Israel Won't Ratify Treaty Before Neighbors

The Huffington Post couldn't wait to publish this anti-Israel news from its sister newspaper Ha'aretz, about Israel not wanting to ratify a chemical weapons treaty before its neighbors do. Beyond the headline, here is all the article says:
"Talk of deal to eliminate Syria’s stockpiles of chemical weapons sends jitters through Jerusalem; will Israel be next?"
To learn any more, you have to click a link to Ha'aretz and then get beyond the Ha'aretz paywall, which most people won't do.

By reading the headline and article, it looks like Israel has tons of chemical weapons that it's afraid it'll lose and is refusing to give up.

In reality, Israel signed the chemical weapons treaty back in the 1980s, but hasn't ratified it yet because it's waiting for its neighbors like Syria and Egypt to do the same. Some pro-Israel HPers speculated it was because Israel needs to keep chemical weapons around to develop defenses against them. Naturally, no one expects lowly Muslim countries like Syria and Egypt to sign any treaties, but to find out Israel hasn't ratified the treaty sent of tons of hypocritical, hilarious HPer outrage. Keep in mind all these posts have been made literally while people are dying in Syria:

None of these users post about Syria, but when Israel can be criticized for something, there they are!

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