Friday, October 25, 2013

Daoub Kuttab Proud Palestinians Disenfranchise Themselves

Palestinian propagandist Daoud Kuttab is back to praise the Palestinians in Jerusalem for refusing to vote in the local elections there. While most people would perhaps hope the Palestinians there could elect someone who represents their views onto the city council so they have a voice in government, Kuttab apparently believes that sitting around and waiting for other people is better. Although that has been the Palestinian tactic since day one, so who can blame him?

Kuttab leads off with a declaration that, "Palestinians living in Jerusalem have made a powerful political statement about the future of the holy city. Israel's leading daily newspaper Yediot Ahranot made it clear that Palestinians avoided the elections of what is called by Israelis the united city of Jerusalem." 

Why did they avoid the elections? Well, "running for the Israeli mayor were three candidates mostly representing right wing, ultra right wing and Jewish religious candidates." Aww. So unfair that no one is representing the Arabs. Cruel Israelis, giving them no one to vote for! But wait, Kuttab himself admits "Usually no Arab parties or candidates run for the elections of Jerusalem." So it appears the Palestinians in Jerusalem refuse to nominate a candidate or vote for that candidate. But that doesn't stop them and Mr. Kuttab from whining about how there are no candidates that represent their views in the elections. Pathetic, no?

Next, Kuttab returns to his specialty, making stuff up:

"Palestinians and most of the world are supporting the creation of a Palestinian state on all areas occupied in 1967 which includes East Jerusalem considered by Palestinians as their future capital."
Palestinians and their apologists love declaring that "most of the world" supports X, Y, and Z (all of which are Palestinian positions), but very rarely have facts to back it up. Kuttab has no link to support his "most of the world" statement (surprise, surprise), and immediately moves on the Clinton Parameters, which advocates for a sharing of Jerusalem. In fact, according to Wikipedia, many UN states support the UN's official position, which is that Jerusalem should be an international city. But you don't really expect Kuttab to tell the truth, do you?

Kuttab again declares that "the absence of Palestinians from the ballot boxes does send a powerful message to negotiators," but he fails to prove that message was sent or what exactly the message is. The only message I see from this failure to participate in the democratic process is that the Palestinians continue to not believe in democracy, and I have just as much evidence as Kuttab does. Kuttab then summarizes how the peace negotiations are going so far, and then does something ridiculously hypocritical, whining about life for Palestinians in Jerusalem:
"While the political showing of Jerusalem's Palestinians gives a big boost to their negotiators, the absence of Palestinians from city hall does little to ease the living situation in the city with more than 250,000 Palestinians. City budgets, city plans and educational programming is all decided by the entirely Israeli Jewish city council with little or no consultation or attention to the lives of Palestinians. Even symbolic institutions in East Jerusalem that acted as a meeting point for Palestinians have been closed by Israeli orders....Last spring Israeli police closed for a week the Palestinian national theatre because of a children's puppet festival was funded by the Norwegian government through the Ramallah-based Palestinian government....Life however goes on in the city with the population generally feeling abandoned and helpless."
No way! The entire city council is "Israeli Jewish"? Could that possibly be because, as Kuttab admitted above, no Arabs run in the elections? How exactly are Arabs and people supporting pro-Arab policies supposed to get on the council if they refuse to run and no one votes for them?

Kuttab and the Palestinians want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to be able to send "powerful messages" by refusing to vote, and then also whine about how they aren't represented in the government. It's completely ridiculous! But Kuttab doesn't need to worry, his brainwashed followers bought it hook, line, and sinker:

Loyal HPMonitor reader "Tony Andrews" apparently missed the line at the beginning of the article about Arab candidates refusing to run in the Jerusalem elections, just as Kuttab hoped he would. Another Kuttab article long on double standards and lies.

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