Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Example of a Post: Who Knoweth Iran?

HP blogger Jared Feldschreiber wrote an article for the Huffington Post daring to be skeptical about Iranian president Rouhani's "charm campaign" and he had the facts to back it up. The article includes numerous pictures of Iranian Americans protesting near the UN, and includes this first hand account:
"Zari Shayesteh had six family members killed by the regime under the direction of the Islamic Republic's regime. Their crime? Speaking out about human rights."There was no court, nor a justice system," says Ray Kafi, another protester. "Activists are oft-times beaten to death in jail or hung in public.""
Naturally, most Huffington Posters ignored this article, as it violated their narrative in such a convincing way they had no choice but to ignore it. But for one longtime Iranian apologist, "Richard Pearce," the article could not go ignored:

Yes, Canadian HPer "Richard Pearce" feels he knows better than Iranians themselves what's going on in Iran. But his arrogance is matched only by his ignorance. Notice this sentence:
"hint, when the person opposed by the supposed dictator and the supposed brutal enforcers of oppression in a state wins an election, the most likely meaning is that the supposed dictator is not a dictator, the supposed brutal enforcers of oppression are not brutal enforcers of oppression are not enforcers of oppression, and a supposedly undemocratic state is actually a democratic one".
 Why does Richard Pearce not know about the Guardian Council, which approves presidential candidates and requires that "presidential candidates must be political or religious figures, be of Iranian origin and hold citizenship, have a firm belief in Islam, and have a good reputation based on trustworthiness and piety"? 

The Guardian Council is made up of six people elected from parliament and six selected by the Supreme Leader. Does anyone besides the delusional readership of the Huffington Post really think that if Rouhani truly opposed the Supreme Leader, he would have been approved by the Guardian Council? I'm not an Iranian scholar, but even I'm aware of the structures in Iran preserving the rule of the Ayatollah. 

Incredible the kind of personalities that post on the Huffington Post. 

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