Tuesday, October 22, 2013

HP Spins Genesis Prize, Readership Complains and Lies

The Huffington Post saw an opportunity for spinning today with the coverage of this article, so they went for it:

How was this headline spun? Couple ways. First, it wasn't "Israel" that gave Bloomberg the prize, it was the Genesis Prize Foundation, which does include the Israeli prime minister's office, but also the Genesis Philanthropy Group and the Jewish Agency. But those last two aren't demonized by the HP every day, so why include them in the headline? Second, the official name of the prize is the Genesis Prize. Why include the nickname of the "Jewish Nobel Prize," especially when this is the first year the prize is given out, so that nickname is hardly an established one? Well, it puts "Jews" in the headline, which never hurts!

So far there haven't been that many comments, but those that were posted were the typical combination of Jew baiting and lies about Israel. Take a look.

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