Friday, October 25, 2013

Huffington Post Tries for Moral Equivalence Between Iran and America

The Huffington Post has a weird relationship with Iran. They like to publish a lot of articles about the oppression that they have there (like banning books), while refraining from coming right out and saying how oppressive it is. In contrast, the Huffington Post whitewashes Iran's leaders like crazy while immediately going after anyone who says anything against them. So this latest ridiculous article by Joshua Hersh isn't that surprising:

And by "Western" he means Americans and Netanyahu. France, Germany, Britain, etc are not mentioned. So what are those four ways? His first one is that "1. They want total victory. Anything less would be a disaster." What does he mean by "total victory?" He means that Iran insists on keeping the "right" to enrichment and "hardliners" in America like AIPAC saying at they don't. One would think that by "total victory" he would think death to America and Israel like they keep chanting but apparently Hersh has a different definition of what a "hardliner" is. Unless the headline was written by an editor, in which case that would make a lot of sense.

The second way? "2. Their timing is way off." Hersh then proceeds to cite Sheldon freaking Adelson (again), quoting Mondoweiss by the way, as an example of a "hardliner." Of course he is not part of the government but who cares, we have to prove moral equivalency here. By the way, Hersh also slanders Adelson. After a quotation from Adelson where he says that America should detonate an atomic bomb in teh desert where it "won't hurt a soul," (which is moronic) Hersh helpfully provides some spin:
"Adelson's call for the potential mass annihilation of Iranians may have struck some in the U.S. as less than helpful, but he's got counterparts in the fringe of Iran. "
Adelson didn't call for the mass annihilation of anyone, and in case this article wasn't ridiculous enough Hersh provided a contrast with the "Death to the US committee" who hold the aforementioned rally with that slogan. What Hersh doesn't mention is that Iran is a dictatorship so if the government really didn't want those rallies to happen, they wouldn't be happening. Therefore the people who run them are far from on the fringe. And if the government wanted to hold "Peace and Love to America" rallies, they would be happening. So though Hersh can try for moral equivalence, there is none.

The next way? "3. They keep ratcheting up the pressure." Hersh says that while the Iranian "hardliners" think they should build more reactors (which makes total sense if they were racing for a bomb) American "hardliners" think there should be more sanctions even though (according to Hersh) the first round was enough. By the way, it wasn't because Ahmadinejad wasn't negotiating while he was subject to the same sanctions. Oh, and those American hardliners didn't actually say there should be more sanctions, just that they shouldn't let up. Which makes total sense:
"“Now is a time to strengthen -- not weaken -- U.S. and international sanctions,” some of the lawmakers said in a statement. “The U.S. should not suspend new sanctions, nor consider releasing limited frozen assets, before Tehran suspends its nuclear enrichment activities.”"
Apparently not wanting to capitulate before getting results is the sign of a "hardliner" on the Huffington Post. Finally we have "4. They view the other side as violent, unpredictable and untrustworthy." Of course both America and Iran are violent, unpredictable and untrustworthy. So I guess we'll give Hersh that one.

Still, it goes to show that the Huffington Post editors will see their own country and a medieval fascist theocratic dictatorship and think "how can we make them seem more or less the same?" Which I think is very telling.

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