Monday, October 21, 2013

HuffPost Blogger "Loves" Che Guevara Jesus, Endorses Violence

I think this headline speaks for itself:

You can't really see it but basically the images has Che with a crown of thorns. Strangely enough Paul Alexander admits that Che was "a violent revolutionary who killed people" but it's okay because he did it for "causes and liberation he believed in deeply." Perfect example of leftist logic: killing people is bad unless you do it for the right reasons. And by the right reasons we mean left-wing reasons. I admit to not being an expert about Guevara but I know that he was hardly a pacifist: he killed hundreds if not thousands of people in his military and post military career:
"What is acknowledged by all sides is that Guevara had become a "hardened" man, who had no qualms about the death penalty or summary and collective trials. If the only way to "defend the revolution was to execute its enemies, he would not be swayed by humanitarian or political arguments""
Oh yeah, that sounds like the Prince of Peace all right. Oh but don't worry, see Alexander has an explanation for why the guy who said "turn the other cheek" can be compared to a mass executioner:
"Jesus taught a third way that was strong and that stayed present to the conflict. Jesus taught to remain engaged in the situation by offering the cheek of dignity, equality, and respect. When violently insulted, one's natural reactions are fight or flight - violence or passivity -- but Jesus taught to stand one's ground and offer an alternative future."
Except that Guevara was about violence all the way to get his "alternative future" which by the way didn't exactly lead to freedom and human rights for all Cubans. Even by Huffington Post standards, the author is pretty enamored with the left-wing ideology:
"I have a question for Christians who don't like this picture because of the association with Che -- do you support fighting and killing others for your people? If so, then you may be more like Che than like Jesus. On the other hand, if you're passive and not into changing systems and structures and letting the status quo continue to oppress people -- that's not very much like Jesus either."
Nice false dichotomy, either you're in favor of murdering everyone who gets in your way to bring about a Communist revolution if you're okay with "oppression." Even by Huffington Post standards this article is unbelievable: can you imagine someone like Alan Dershowitz encouraging the killing of Muslim terrorists? The comments would be a cacophony unmatched in recent years. And Alexandar just keeps talking about killing people:
"Although I used to have firearms I don't any more, but I understand why suffering people want to kill their enemies in hopes it will make life better....Why shouldn't Liberians whose raw rubber is taken by American companies, turned into valuable products abroad, and then sold back to Liberians at ridiculous prices (a tire in Liberia costs more than $500) -- pick up their weapons and fight? Killing the enemy makes so much sense, and everyone has enemies."
Oh my. Who allowed this article onto the Huffington Post? This guy is a social ethics professor, by the way. Usually the HuffPost doesn't fly their left-wing ideology so clearly but Alexander should really be more honest: killing "enemies" is okay if you are doing it for left-wing causes like the environment or Communism. If it was Israel defending itself from attack, I doubt he would be declaring that killing the enemy makes sense.

And of course the comment section ate it up:

I've always known the left endorsed violence but I've rarely seen it done so blatantly.

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