Tuesday, October 22, 2013

HuffPost Takes a Break

...from demonizing Israel to demonizing the USA. Check out the World headline:

I think it's safe to say that "KILLING GRANDMOTHERS" goes a step beyond headline spin to something altogether different, yet by Huffington Post standards it's not that far-fetched. What provoked the headline was that drone strikes did kill a grandmother (singular) as well as 18 civilians...last year. As civilian kill ratios go, it could actually be much worse. I'm just amazed that they had this headline while a Democrat is in office. Anyway I was expecting the readership to eat it up and beat their collective breasts about how evil America is, but instead they mostly went after Obama:

I guess Obama is no longer the messiah of the left-wing. Anyway elsewhere they had a head honcho in Media Matters declaring that Benghazi was a "hoax," by which he means that Republicans were exploiting it to use as political leverage against Democrats. That being said, "hoax" is an unfortunate choice of words. Then the comments were more what we would expect as everyone just went after the Republicans mindlessly, as usual.

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