Thursday, October 31, 2013

HuffPost Tech Covers Anti-Semitic Story, Readers Defend

The Huffington Post's "Tech" section apparently is not immune from the Jews-are-news phenomenon seeing as how they covered a story about LivingSocial apologizing for promoting something seen as anti-Semitic. Apparently the story being about a website was enough to make it tech but I digress. LivingSocial had a "7 Deadly Sins" party and one of the rooms was "Greed." It had gold, silver, and dreidels in it. Not really that big of a deal, but they realized that it might be offensive to Jewish people and apologized. One of many flubs that people make around the Halloween season.

Naturally the Huffington Post readership condemned LivingSocial but others defended it and tossed in some shots at Jews of their own:

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  1. "... we are very sorry to have upset anyone," Nolan told Jewish Week. "Certainly this behavior does not reflect who we are as a company.”

    I can't help but wonder, if not reflecting the behavior of LivingSocial, exactly what companies behavior does it reflect?

    "not really that big of a deal"….. sorry, I disagree. It IS a big deal, as it falls into all the stereotypical anti-semitic bullshit attaching Jews to money/greed. If this was about "greed" on it's own, why not use the non-denonminational casino poker chips, or non-denonminational money….why use dreidels, that are used at Hannukkah for a game, usually played by children, in which the payment is usually chocolate gelt?


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