Tuesday, October 1, 2013

HuffPost Throws Red Meat, Gets Results

The Huffington Post published a basically meaningless article yesterday. President Obama declared that "all options remained on the table" when it came to Iran. But so did Israeli President Shimon Peres so that's who the Huffington Post decided to give a screaming headline about:

Having been primed to spew hatred at Israel, that's exactly what the Huffington Post readership did with full moderator approval:

Key quote: "The people who claim "no one cares about Jews" will NEVER think ANYONE cares about Jews. The world will always be held hostage in their warped score-keeping card, forever blackmailed emotionally and financially in their never-ending victim mentality."

1 comment:

  1. Let's face it. The Israel hater's need to hate Israel, or Zionists or Israelis in order to feel some self worth. They live with the committed hopes of seeing Israel die. Some still refer to Israel as a Zionist project, iow, it's a temporary thing about to expire. Their delusional and happy to be so, as long as they can convince others to agree with them, and create a larger movement to isolate Israel...ie. bds'ers.


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