Tuesday, October 8, 2013

HuffPost Throws Red Meat, Haters Rage

The Huffington Post editors must have been thrilled to cover what would be a non-story anywhere else. Benjamin Netanyahu, as part of a speech in which he was talking about how unfree Iran is, said that Iranian young people can't even wear blue jeans. This is wrong, and the Iranians "protested" by tweeting pictures of themselves wearing jeans...for the three days that they were allowed to use Twitter by the ruling regime.

The Huffington Post readership therefore couldn't wait to stand around flagellating Netanyahu, which would be fine except they also expanded it to his country and supporters. Just more "legitimate criticism" of his "policies," I suppose:

There was even one of  many anti-Israel bloggers, Ilais Sourdis, showed up just to regurgitate anti-Israel talking points in barely coherent English:

All in all a typical day on the Huffington Post.

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