Wednesday, October 2, 2013

HuffPost's Full Attack on Netanyahu (Part 2)

As you probably heard, Netanyahu made a speech to the UN yesterday in which he explained that he was not sympathetic to Rouhani's overtures and asked the rest of us not to be fooled by him either. Of course the Huffington Post couldn't just repeat the news, otherwise it wouldn't have the readership that it does:

Though considering what they could have printed instead I guess it could have been worse. Anyway at the time I'm writing this the article has almost 3000 comments and is sure to have more by the time this goes up, but all of the top favorited are the usual variations on "Israel sucks." And you know that if Rouhani does in fact turn out to be playing us all for fools, none of these people will apologize for their hateful smears:

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